Buy AT&T Mobile Phones at Wal-Mart

When searching for a new cell phone and/or cell phone provider, many considerations come to mind. What does this plan include? Does it have all of the features you need? What is the total cost, and is there any contract?
First things first, what do you plan to use this phone for? Personal or business, or a combination of both? Do you use data and if so how much per month roughly? AT&T offers a 2GB per month data plan which is suitable for most uses, unless you have a business that uses a lot of data every month.
One of the most important considerations is what type of phone do you want to use, whether it be an iPhone for the easy user interface, an Android based phone for its flexibility and customization options or a Blackberry for their more business oriented phones. Not all phones are created equal, important factors to consider are processor speed, ROM, RAM, usb/hdmi ports and one of the most important; battery life. The general rule is the more powerful and feature rich your phone the shorter the battery life. A case with an auxiliary charger is available for certain phone models such as the iPhone but it is up to you to decide exactly what you need.

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